1. The ugliness of human made structures with no visual purpose only physical ones, mixed with the often forgotten ‘not so spectacular’ local surrounds is often neglected from preservation by photographic means. These are the images that are most beautiful of all. - AUSTRAKAS   


  2. The endless progression of maintenance to keep our lives going so we can do more maintenance. The beauty of this work is often lost on us however it still remains if we choose to open our eyes.   


  3. One shall always stand out - AUSTRAKAS 


  4. Mirco Hunter Gatherer - AUSTRAKAS


  5. The kookaburra always seeming to be majestic. - AUSTRAKAS 


  6. The peaceful jetty landing - AUTRAKAS


  7. USS Lassen - AUSTRAKAS


  8. Night Lights - AUSTRAKAS


  9. Loneliness - AUSTRAKAS


  10. Contemplation - AUSTRAKAS